Why should we use Linux? (6 reasons)

The presence of Linux has expanded a lot. From servers up to desktops. Linux has gotten a bigger user market that includes not just web developers or programmers but also regular users. Maybe you wonder the reasons.

Well, if you are looking for an operating system or just don’t know yet so much about it, here you have 6 reasons to choose Linux. 

Linux is free

Linux is really accessible to everybody. It’s not needed to pay for it and its updates. From the basic software for regular users to the advanced one for business, the policy is the same, free!

There are a few exceptions, like Red Hat Enterprise Linux distros or Zorin OS. The main difference between pay and free distros is that you get support to deal with possible problems with the first. But if you compare all the available free stuff, this is not so representative, and the access for any user is guaranteed. 

Besides, the Linux community is worldwide and very active. So, in any case, you will have support to troubleshoot. 

Linux is more secure

Linux code is open source, so it is available globally, and plenty of developers are fixing vulnerabilities and failures quite fast. Thanks to this teamwork, Linux offers regular and even frequent updates for its distros with convenient upgrades (different aspects) for users.

Due to the mentioned reason, malware threats have been managed effectively on Linux distros. 

Linux maintenance is easy

Updates of every distro and software in general, for desktops and servers, can be installed with a few clicks, and in some distros, there are one-click updates. Some updates are done in the background without interrupting your work. Automatic updates also make the task simple. And Linux live patches update even deep stuff on the system by themselves. You don’t need to restart the device every time you update something.

To install new software safely from Linux repositories is just as simple as we described before.

Linux is absolutely customizable

Users can really customize as many aspects as they desire. Kernels, desktop environments, apps, programs, browsers, settings, etc. Users can install full updates or choose just what they need. Every user can make the experience really easy (regular users) or more complex (programmers, web developers, etc.) if they prefer a tailored Linux, based on very specific needs.

If you get more involved, the Linux community is already vast, global, and supportive. 

Linux works pretty much on any hardware

The variety of Linux distros is wide, and their driver compatibility is remarkable. Thanks to this, they can be set up on old hardware and still run smoothly. Linux offers the possibility of making your hardware’s life longer. And this is a great advantage if we consider that Linux runs in supercomputers, smartphones, computers, watches, and more. 

Linux is an open-source software

This fact makes a big difference. While proprietary or closed sources keep total control of their code, changes, upgrades, etc. Linux is a free open source, so its code is available for users worldwide who want to contribute to the source’s continuous development.

Linux has not just a great team but a worldwide one, working daily on updates, upgrades, etc., for users.


There is no doubt about the reliability Linux has gained through time. Right now, it is running on the most powerful supercomputers and servers around the world, on millions of users’ desktops. But better than just read, download today the Linux distro that better fits your needs and experience by yourself all these advantages and more.

Once you try Linux, hardly there’s a way back!

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